Kadabra Kadabra

Type: Psychic
Level: 40
Hitpoints: /
Experience points: /
Description: It is rumored that a boy with psychic abilities suddenly transformed into KADABRA while he was assisting research into extrasensory powers.
Evolution(s): Evolves to Alakazam at Level 70

Price in shop: /
Abilities: Teleport, Blink and Light
Behaviour: Agressive
Location: Desert Island
Loot: /
Move Level Cooldown
Psybeam 40 {{{cdm1}}}
Psywave 40 {{{cdm2}}}
Psy Pulse 40 {{{cdm3}}}
Confusion 45 {{{cdm4}}}
Psychic 40 {{{cdm5}}}
Calm Mind 40 {{{cdm6}}}
Hypnosis 55 {{{cdm7}}}
Reflect 55 {{{cdm8}}}
Restore 40 {{{cdm9}}}